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Realistic Training

When we set out to invent an all-in-one roping machine that could solve several key problems ropers face when learning to rope, the motorized horse and dummy hauler was created. It was clear to us from the beginning that roping machines pulled by ATV’s were a giant leap forward in rope training. The ability to run at a moving mechanical steer allows ropers and horses to train in a more realistic way.

Just as the ATV pulled machines were a leap forward for ropers in the past, we now have a machine that helps fill in the gaps missed by them today. It’s now possible for headers to chase after a roping dummy that travels at speeds matching even the fastest open jackpot steers as well as the slowest lead steers. Headers now have the ability to control the pace of their run without having an unrealistic ATV pulling a sled. When a live steer runs out of a chute, the only warning that is given to the head horse is the loud sound associated with the chute opening. The steer is then relatively silent as it runs down the arena. Unfortunately, a machine or sled that requires an ATV to pull it creates an unrealistic look, speed, and sound for the horse.

Our roping machine solves this problem and provides realistic training by operating quietly as it moves across the arena, at either high or slow speeds. There is no warning before our machine moves because it is controlled remotely and has four relatively silent electric motors that control all four tires. Our machine is capable of reaching very high speeds in a little over a second. The small compact size of our machine also allows the roper to easily take it along with them to jackpots to warm up.

Here are just a few of the many benefits our machine provides the roper:

* Realistic speeds from the very start of a run
* Nearly silent operation similar to a real steer
* Not pulled by a distracting, unrealistic ATV
* The ability to dally and control the steer with their horse
* Rope at realistic high speeds without even cinching up your horse
* Manageable weight and compact size allow for easy transportation (fits in trunk of car)
* Battery operated, costing less than $10 each year in electricity
* The ability to rope even if you don’t have a horse or steers
* Fits a wide variety of popular dummies (Smarty, Pipes, Bones, Hox, Jakesteer, Charlie Calf, etc.)
* Ride it, rope it, or do both at the same time

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