Many ropers already own their favorite roping dummy, so we customized our dummy hauler to fit the majority of popular roping dummies. Head Horse Technology Inc. is not associated with any dummy manufacturers and do not endorse one dummy manufacturer over another. Our machine was engineered to carry many popular roping dummies, however ropers may find that the Smarty body and Pipes heeling attachment fit our machine the easiest. If you do not have a Smarty body you can bolt your favorite roping dummy onto our stand or it can be strapped down with the included bolts and straps. If you intend to dally and turn the dummy, we recommend bolting a fixed horn solid bottom dummy to our stand. 

People new to roping do not always have the money to build an arena, buy live steers, or own an ATV and roping machine. This makes it hard for the average person to afford the sport of roping. After numerous prototypes and hundreds of hours of engineering, we have succeeded in creating a high quality machine that is tough enough to meet our demanding standards. We hope you enjoy the benefits of our labor.

What Our Motorized Dummy Hauler Can Do

With the pull of a trigger on our remote control, the motorized dummy hauler can reach speeds up to 30 MPH in 1.2 seconds. This offers a roper the rare opportunity to train on a dummy traveling at the actual speed of an open jackpot steer. This will help the roper learn how to get up in the front of their saddle and be ready to rope faster, just like they will have to do at a jackpot.

Even the fastest ATV cannot pull a sled at the speed of a live fresh steer out of the chute. This poses many problems for ropers who actually want to win at jackpots. How many times have you trained in the practice pen on slow steers only to get outrun by a fresh steer at a jackpot? As all professional ropers know, the start is the most important part of the run. We have solved this problem by creating a machine that can accelerate at the actual speed of a fresh live steer. If you want to go slower for training, you can lower the speed with the press of a button on our remote control. With our motorized dummy hauler, you are in control of the run.

In addition to the dummy haulers speed, you can also dally and turn the dummy off just like you would with a live steer. It will teach the roper how to keep their horse’s shoulder up, and also develop the skill of gently handling live steers. This is the first machine to offer this kind of control, thanks to our powerful motors keeping forward momentum. After the header turns the dummy, the heeler can then rope the back of the dummy hauler which holds the Pipes heeling attachment. 

We offer a rail kit that allows the dummy hauler to be roped inside the arena at full speed for headers while saving battery life. This allows the header the opportunity to train at high speeds out of the box just like at a jackpot or rodeo.

Our machine requires no fuel as it’s powered by battery and it can be roped in a variety of locations. If you don’t have an arena you can rope it in a pasture or lay down a narrow strip of sand for full speed runs. If you choose to rope it in a arena you will be happy to know that our machine is so light that it creates little to no pack in the footing eliminating the need to work the arena after practice. This has been a problem for many atv pulled machines for years. 

The manageable weight and compact size of the dummy hauler allows the roper to store it in a variety of places, including the trunk of a car. When the battery is detached, the machine weighs less then a bag of grain (50lbs.) making it easy to haul with you to jackpots.

We leave it to our customers to find all of the other benefits our motorized dummy hauler offers, but hopefully we have outlined a few of the most popular uses. Please feel free to explore our site and discover for yourself the magnitude of its benefits.

This machine is going to change the way we learn to rope and train horses in the future.SHANE SMITH


  • Benny cazares
    Posted May 16, 2019 2:51 pm 0Likes

    What dummies are compatible with your set up for both heading and healing. Which dummy is recommended for heading that will let you turn steer to the left for your healer.

    • headhorse
      Posted 4 days ago 4:35 pm 0Likes

      Thank you for your question. We are not affiliated with any dummy manufacturers so we do not recommend one dummy over another but the feedback we have received so far seems to indicate that the Jakesteer heading dummy is the easiest to mount to our machine to turn the dummy hauler in a arena. They already have a large hole in the bottom that makes it easier to bolt the dummy on top of our machine. Bones is also easy to attach to our machine because it is open in the front. We have complete assembly instructions that come with the dummy hauler to show the best method for attaching a heading dummy. We also include all of the parts to do so. The Pipes heeling attachment is the only heeling attachment that we have found to fit our heeling adapter so far. We will be encouraging dummy manufacturers to build dummies that are already drilled and fitted to match our machine in the future.

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