Would you like to train at realistic High speeds?

We believe our patent pending arena rail kit will change the world of roping and head horse training. You now have the opportunity to leave the box at high speed without a loud, unrealistic ATV pulling a machine. With our quiet battery powered dummy hauler, your horse will instantly know you mean business when you have to leave the box at 30 mph just to catch up. If you miss your start on the fastest setting, you will get outrun.

Whether you want to run at full speed, matching even the freshest jackpot steer, or you want a slower more controlled run, you are now in control. Our arena rail kit allows you to choose the run you want to work on. You can now score 1 or score 100 without frustrating other ropers. You can also set the track up to be straight or with a slight curve to the right or left.

The dummy hauler is remote controlled by anyone in the arena, or within 300 feet. This allows the roper to focus on the run and not focus on controlling the machine. Things are happening far too fast for the roper to focus on both the remote and roping simultaneously. The machine travels just as fast in reverse as it does in forward, so the next roper does not have long to wait. This allows ropers to get in dozens of full speed runs without even breaking a sweat. Repetition is the key to success!

The arena rail kit, like our dummy hauler, will be delivered directly to your front door free of charge. Although the box is heavy, you will not need to pay costly shipping fees or arrange special delivery. Each kit includes 21 heavy duty 14 gauge steel braces that have been powder coated to insure longevity. You will also receive our state-of-the-art attachments that allow your dummy hauler to fit securely on the rails, utilizing time tested roller coaster technology.

You will need to supply 20 of your own rails that should be 20 feet long, 2 1/2″ square, 14 gauge primed metal tubing. This will provide 200 feet of track.The cost of shipping in most cases would be more than the cost of the metal tubing, so we leave it to our customers to supply their own rails. We also strongly recommend painting the rails with a good rust preventing paint.

Most customers find that the rear left side of their roping arenas provide the best location set up. This allows headers to make runs on our dummy hauler while live runs are being made on the other end of the arena. The best location will depend on your arena set up. You can even lay down a 200 foot long by 20 foot wide stretch of sand in the middle of a pasture. The options are endless. 


If you’re wanting to learn how to head faster or want to compete at the highest levels, this rail kit is your key.
Shane Smith


  • Devon Whitney
    Posted March 22, 2019 3:44 am 0Likes

    More information such as price, how long does it take to get back to the start, is it a remote control, how does it know when to stop?

    • headhorse
      Posted March 22, 2019 5:03 pm 0Likes

      Thank you for your questions and we appreciate your comment.
      How much is price?
      The price of the rail kit is $1,495 and you will need to buy our dummy hauler that costs $3,495. Both come with free shipping. The customer needs to purchase their own rails because the cost of shipping would be more than the cost of the metal rails. Our kit comes with enough braces for 200 feet of track which would require twenty 2 1/12″ inch square tubes that are each 20 feet long. Pricing varies by location but you can call your local metal supplier for pricing.
      How long does it take to get back to the starting position?
      It travels just as fast in reverse as it does in forward so it would take less than a few seconds at most to get all the way back to start.
      Is it remote controlled?
      Yes, it is controlled by our remote that transmits up to 300 feet away. You will need someone to operate the remote because things are happening to fast to think about the remote when making a full speed run. If you just want to work on scoring, timing the barrier, or working on position you can control the remote your self.
      How does it know when to stop?
      The remote control operator determines the speed and when to stop. The dummy hauler can travel as slow or as fast as you want it to. On it’s fastest setting you will get outrun if you miss the start.

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