The first drill helps get the horse familiar with the dummy hauler. After steering the dummy hauler into the arena or pasture, have your horse approach the dummy hauler with your favorite roping dummy mounted securely onto it. Some horses will need to be desensitized to the dummy hauler with it standing still before moving. Once your horse has accepted the dummy hauler, stand a few feet away and slowly move the dummy hauler away from horse. Now you are ready to start trailing the dummy hauler until you feel confident your horse is ready to start roping. If you have a really sensitive or spooky horse you may need to lunge them around the machine until they accept it. You will not need a remote control operator until you start to rope.


Now that your horse has gotten familiar with the moving dummy hauler, it’s time to start roping out of the box. Place the dummy hauler with your favorite roping dummy fastened securely onto it out in front of the chute. If you are roping in a pasture or not in a roping arena, you will need a roping box or a couple metal panels to set up like a box for this drill. Once you have positioned your dummy hauler in the desired starting position, have your remote control operator ready to squeeze the trigger when you nod. Always have the remote control set to low when roping on loose footing. If the speed on remote is set to high with a fast blinking light the dummy hauler will just spin its tires without moving properly. We recommend you start with slow runs and gradually work your way up. Depending on how deep your arena surface is will determine how fast and effective the dummy hauler will travel. Shallow footing is recommended for our dummy hauler.

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