Can You Afford $139 a Month?

For $1,817.40 down and $139.80 per month for 12 months (without Texas Sales tax) you can own our state of the art dummy hauler. For a little more you can own our high speed rail kit. We want to help as many ropers as possible so we created a way to accept payments. After you pay the down payment we will rush out your new dummy hauler with no shipping fees. Every 30 days for 12 months you will have your credit card or PayPal account charged for the monthly installment payment. We have extended our warranty to cover the entire 12 month finance period. 

One of the biggest challenges ropers face is not being able to afford the sport of roping. We wanted to solve this problem by eliminating the need for live cattle, atv pulled machines, fuel, and high maintenance roping arenas. This was no easy task but we feel that we have succeeded.

Our machine requires no fuel as it’s powered by battery and it can be roped in a variety of locations. If you don’t have an arena you can rope it in a pasture or lay down a narrow strip of sand for full speed runs. If you choose to rope it in a arena you will be happy to know that our machine is so light that it creates little to no pack in the footing eliminating the need to work the arena after practice. This has been a problem for many atv pulled machines for years. No one wants to have to keep working the arena just to be able to rope.

The manageable weight and compact size of the dummy hauler allows you to store it in a variety of places, including the trunk of a car. When the battery is detached, our machine weighs less then a bag of grain (50lbs.) making it easy to haul with you to jackpots. We leave it to our customers to find all of the financial benefits our dummy hauler offers, but hopefully we have outlined a few of the most popular ones. 

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